Administration of Medication 



Managing medicines in care homes is a guideline that applies across both health and social care.

The management of medicines is governed by legislation, regulation and professional standards, which are monitored and enforced by different regulatory organisations across world.

People living in care homes have the same rights and responsibilities as those who do not live in care homes. Treatment and care should take into account an individual’s needs and preferences. Care homes residents should have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their care and treatment, in partnership with their health professionals and social care practitioners. Person-centred care is particularly important when considering safeguarding and mental capacity issues; these issues are considered in the guideline in relation to medicines.

Helping residents to help look after and take their medicines themselves is important in enabling residents to retain their independence. Care home staff should assume residents are able to look after and manage their own medicines when they move into a care home, unless indicated otherwise. An individual risk assessment should be undertaken to determine the level of support a resident needs to manage their own medicines.


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