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At Rose Care Services, our approach to disability support is leading edge.
We have been providing support, driven by consumer choice and control, since our inception. “That’s a big call” we hear you say. It is. And this is why it’s true. We live local, work local.

Our model of service provision sees local business owners developing their services and care models, based on local knowledge and local needs. Our staff know the environment, have great working knowledge about local resources: formal and informal, and well established networks within the community.

At Rose Care Services, strong, supported communities are just as important to the people providing your support, as they are to you.

In each community, how support is accessed and provided is based on local needs and demands. You don’t need to fit in with what’s available, or with models that have been tailored to the majority.


Our quality is consistently monitored


Under a franchise model of service provision, you get the best of both worlds. While service provision and focus is localised to meet local needs, our systems to monitor quality, ensure compliance, and maximise alignment with international best practice is centralised. Standards for training, qualification and experience are set at a national level,
while at the same time, local businesses develop specific skills and expertise to meet local needs.
You can feel confident that our National framework is consistently applied and appraised, and by managing that responsibility centrally, we free up our franchisees to do what they do best.


We can manage what you don’t want to


While our focus is offering you choice and control over what and how support is provided, we can also take care of administrative aspects that may require time and attention that you would rather spend elsewhere.

This includes management of insurances, accreditation, funds management, invoicing and rostering- leaving you feeling confident

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